Duration of Study Programs

• Regular program students will complete their studies according to the level of training they are admitted to the    college but not more than 3 years.

Admission policy and requirements for regular students

1.1.1 Grade 10 complete candidates in accordance with the admission requirement set by MOA/ MOE will be           admitted.

1.1.2 GPA for the candidate is calculated based on 7 subjects taking English and mathematics as compulsory          subjects.

1.1.3 All original and copy documents and 3X3 photograph should be offered for admission.

1.1.4 Candidates who scored “F” grade either in English or in Maths in grade 10 will not be admitted.

1.1.5 Preparatory /grade 11 and12/ students can be admitted with their grade 10 results.

1.1.6 The woreda of each regional state select the trainees according to their needs.

1.1.7 Because of the nature of agricultural profession the physically impaired students shall not selected.

1.1.8 Letter of placement should be presented from woreda that the candidate selected.

Admission of development agents and technicians

1.1.9 Development agents and Technicians who complete grade 10th and pass the entrance examination with          minimum requirement GPA 2.00 could be admitted. Compulsory courses are not considered.