Dr Timihirtu Sahilu

Technology Multiplication and

Transfer vice dean

provides As one of the three main departments of Alage ATVET College, technology multiplication and transfer, we provide a premier, customer - centered services to trainees, farmers, small scale agricultural enterprise owners and investors. On the behalf of the college management I am so pleased you are considering Alage ATVET College and hope this website provides the information you are looking for as you choose an institution that will best meet your academic and agricultural technology needs. This website will link you to general information about our department as well as many programs we offer especially for customers including training, consultancy, entrepreneurship and project development services as well as adapting and/ or innovating then multiplying and transferring problem - solving agricultural technologie using college’s animal and plant farmss. Finally, your decision to be a customer or partner to Alage ATVET College will ensure the college community develops a broader understanding of the world and its many cultures. We believe, by serving or making partnership with you, the college will become a better place and stronger institute.

technology_dean@alagecollege.edu.et    0461165156, Fax 0461165012

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