institutions found in Ethiopia. Office of the Academic vice Dean manages four departments located at four different campuses. The departments include: Animal Health, Animal Science, Natural Resource and Management and Plant Science. As of October 2016, the college has also launched two new departments in Small Scale Irrigation Development and Farm Machinery and Equipment Maintenance. In addition, it offers a Continuing Education Program in the evenings. Trainees at the college have access to three small libraries affiliated with four the departments and one large central library. They also have access to the college’s ICT Center equipped with very fast broadband Internet service and a well-organized Registrar serving all departments. Each field of training provides 70% practical experience in various experimental farms and laboratories and 30% theoretical training through lectures and other didactic forums. The training at AATVETC follows an outcome-based training system where trainees are enrolled from Regional states based on the specific needs of the agricultural offices in each region. Each trainee is enrolled to complete a level IV training. Training begins from level I and the trainee must complete all levels in order to be awarded a Training Completion Certificate. The teaching style at the college emphasizes continuous assessment and trainees are encouraged to focus more on practical learning sessions than theoretical sessions. After successful completion of each level, trainees are required to pass a national competency assessment in order to advance to the next level of training. Trainees who are not able to pass the national assessment on their first attempt are granted the opportunity to retake the assessment a second time. If they have a passing score on their retake, they can advance to the next level. Though failure to pass the national competency assessment on two consecutive attempts can result in dismissal, in certain circumstances, students can be assessed privately for a third time at other private assessment centers and continue their training with proof of passing score. Per the college’s policy, trainees who are unsuccessful in passing the national assessment after three attempts will be dismissed from the program. Instructors at AATVETC are Msc, DVM, Bsc or Diploma holders. Every year, more than 15 of the instructors join a regular or summer in-service Msc degree program to obtain further training. Short term capacity building training, training on occupational standards and curriculum development as well as pedagogical training for newly recruited instructors is given each year. Since its establishment, AATVETC has been engaged in a variety of activities in the community and has widened its scope in the training it provides. In addition to providing excellent training, the college has always been strongly dedicated to providing service to the community. previous.  next.

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