the community. The college’s critical and positive impact on the community extends beyond its long existence in Alage. The high quality services it provides and the essential role it plays in producing skilled and competent trainees are the main reasons why it provides great contribution to the community and why it is often ranked first among other colleges in the country that provide similar training programs. Besides its regular training of middle level development agents, the college also provides short term training for less developed regional states of the country and model farmers from the surrounding community. It also provides mobile veterinary services and improved seed, bull and poultry for farmers in the surrounding area. Currently, the college is making great efforts to improve the fields of trainings it offers and to be the most influential agricultural and vocational training program in Ethiopia. It is striving more than ever before by employing better strategies for scaling up the skills, knowledge and attitude of trainees, improving engagement with community members and advocating for new ways of utilizing technology transfer. Furthermore, it is continuing to provide employment opportunities for jobless youth and supporting small business holders to ensure an all rounded benefit for the whole community. At present, Alage ATVETC is trying to build a first-class vocational college with an elite team that strives for excellence and works towards the goal of becoming a first-class ATVET college nationally and internationally. In particular, the general college community and academic staff are committed to contributing to national economic development and cultivating noble values in diversity with the goal of producing committed, highly disciplined and skilled trainees. We strive to better our community! previous.

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