Academic Timeline
The College shall normally operate on two semester basis, sixteen weeks each, between September and end of June. The department of Animal Health, Animal Sciences, Plant Science and Natural Resource may employ a system of annual rather than semester course offering. The Faculty of Continuing and Distance Education may have a term system.

Alage ATVET College, Office of the Registrar

Academic Calendar for 2016/17(2009 E.C) Academic Year

Academic Year 2016/17(2009 E.C)Major Events
 European Dates  Ethiopian Date
 September 28,2016/17 Meskerem 18,2009 Staff Report Duty
 October 20,2016/17 Tikimit 10,2009 Boarding Opens for 2nd Year and 3rd year
 October 20- 21,2016/17 Tikimit 10- 11,2009 Registration for 2nd Year and above
 October 24,2016/17 Tikimit 14,2009 Class begins for 2nd Year and 3rd year
 October 24,2016/17 Tikimit 14,2009 Last Date for last Registration (for 2nd Year and 3rd year )
 October 28,2016/17 Tikimit 18,2009 Registrar Reports Student Enrolment Statistics to each Department
 December 4-6,2016/17 Hidar 25-27,2009 Last Date for Mark and Grade submission to Registrar’s office
 December 4- 8,2016/17 Hidar 25-29,2009 Skill Gap Filling For Level I,II (CEP) and III
 December 9,2016/17 Hidare 30,2009 COC for Level I,II(CEP) and Level III
 December 23,2016/17 Tahisasi 14 ,2009 Class begins for Level II,III(CEP) and level IV
 March 9,2016/17 Yekatit 30,2009 Last Date for Mark and Grade submission to Registrar’s office
 March 10-19,2016/17 Megabit 1-10,2009 Inter – semester Break
 March 20-21,2016/17 Megabit 11-12,2009 Registration for second semester
 March 23-31,2016/17 Megabit 14-22,2009  Skill Gap Filling For Level II,III(CEP) and IV
 March 27- 30,2016/17 Megabit 18-21,2009 2nd round COC for level IV
 April 1 -8,2016/17 Megabit 23-30,2009  COC for Level II,III(CEP) and IV
 April 29,2016/17 Miyaziya 21,2009 Students Graduation Day
 June 17,2016/17 Sene 10,2009 End of Classes
 June 17-21 ,2016/17 Sene 10-14,2009 Skill Gap Filling For Level I,III and IV(CEP)
 June 22 –July 2,2016/17 Sene 15-25,2009 COC for Level I,III and Level IV(CEP)
 July 7,2016/17 Sene 30,2009 The students leave the college