For graduation, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

        a. No “NYC”, “NG” or “NA” grade in any course taken.
        b. The minimum number of credit hours set by the respective curriculum should be achieved and all required              courses should be taken; and
        c. Students of all level programs must achieve a minimum point 50 % (C) in all courses.
        d. Students of all level programs should not have any grade NYC

Requirement for Distinction and Great Distinction of level programs

        a. Students who have succeeded to achieve a score of 85% to 90% upon completion of the requirements for the              level IV will graduate with the rank of Distinction.
        b. Students who have succeeded to score of 90% to 95% (both inclusive) will graduate with Great Distinction.
        c. Students who succeeded to achieve score of 95% and above will graduate with the rank of Very Great              Distinction.


        a. Transcripts are records bearing academic performances of students. As they are the most valuable, private              and confidential documents of students, utmost care is taken in their recording, printing, storing and              issuance.
        b. Transcripts are issued by the Office of the registrar following graduation or approval of graduation by the              College Senate.
        c. Right after graduation, students are issued with temporary certificate of completion without any payment.
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