The present department of Animal Sciences (ASc.) is one of the 4 department at the Alage ATVET College was established in 1994 E.C as Department of Animal Sciences.


        “To be a training and service delivering department for the development Agent (DA) on Livestock and Aquaculture sector in the            country 2020”.


        “To be produced knowledgeable, skilled and attitudinal changed student and technology multiplication and transfer center.

          Objectives of the department

• To train students in outcome based (level I-V) 70% with practical and 30% with knowledge discipline of animal science.

• Innovate simple technology multiply and transfer it to the farmer

• Provide short term training to the Graduated DAs (Advance training).

2. Occupational Standard (OS) of the department (Program)

Department of Animal Sciences has 5 occupational standards (from level I-V).level I standards has 17 unit of competency, level II 18 unit of competency, level III 27 unit of competency, level IV 14 unit of competency and level V about 18 unit of competency (unit of competency=course).

Information TypeDescription
Title of the ProgramDiploma(up to level V) in Animal Sciences
Occupational Standard(OS)LevelCredit Values
Basic Agricultural and Natural Resources Conservation OperationsIOne semester
Livestock production IIOne semester
Livestock production IIITwo semester
Livestock productionIV2 semester
Livestock Production ManagementV2 semester (advance diploma)
Benchmark of the program The OS of the department is one of the best in the Ethiopian government program acceptance evidenced by enrollment of our DAs increasing on technical agriculture production and productivity and on solving farmer further technical production problem

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