Agricultural education is dynamic and addresses issues relevant to social, economical and technological development of the country. The quality and quantum of agricultural inputs, their management techniques, and also quality of farm produce and methods of value additions would keep on changing with advancement of industrialization in general and economic up lifting of farmers/processors in particular. It is in this context that the agricultural education is to be analyzed and course curriculum modified to serve the agriculture and the aggro-based industries. Plant Science department established under the Agricultural Sciences and started with 993 students in its first establishment year, 2002. With the advancement of technology related to agricultural inputs like seeds, fertilizer, water and pesticides, coupled with the equipment and energy sources for their application, it has become essential to optimize these to increase farm production and converse natural resources. The agricultural Development agent graduate today are required to provide technology for increasing crop production and for reducing post-harvest losses and value additions through processing of produce.

Program Objectives

The Department will be fully engaged in training, as well as extension activities of plant production and protection. The ultimate goal of the Program, therefore, is to improve crop production and productivity in the country in general thus contributing to improve the livelihood of Ethiopians. The specific objectives of the Program are: to produce sufficient and well trained manpower that will regionally and nationally contribute to generation, dissemination and adoption of improved plant production and protection technologies by providing basic and applied knowledge and skills of crops production; enable the students gain the skill and knowledge of managing and conserving natural resources and protecting the environment; integrate teaching, and extension activities so as to produce new improved technologies and disseminate them to the farmers.   More

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