Mesfin Tamene Zemedkun

Administrative And Students' Affairs

Vice Dean

goals, mission and vision. This division has been striving hard to improve its services delivery processes while at the same time building its internal capabilities and capacities. Currently there are five directorates under this division, these are Student Services directorate, Technical & General Services Directorate, Finance & Budget Administration Directorate, Procurement, Sales & Property Management Directorate and Human Resource Development & Administration Directorate, and college license office is also accountable to this division. Being in charge of this division, what I would like to promise is that we all supporting staff under this division will discharge our responsibilities well, Serve the Customer of our division with honesty, Loyalty and Fairness, and work to the best success of the core processes mission and goals in particular, the college mission and vision in general. Customer Service is our driving force. Our wish is to continually strive to satisfy our customer by providing quality services, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We provide the best quality in all of our services. People are our most important resource. We respect the individual’s dignity and value their contributions. We invest in training and education to give our staff the tools to make the division that provide a satisfactory services to its customers. The Division provides a positive and challenging environment that supports the achievement of mission goals and fosters team spirit. We are partners with our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, and are committed to union/management partnerships. The Division values trust, sincerity, honesty, and candor in relationships both personally and organizationally. We encourage our staff to express ideas, opinions, and thoughts in an honest and genuine manner.

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